Letter to my Future Daughter

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My dearest daughter,

These are some of the thoughts that I would like to share with you. Read them when you feel low. May you find new hope through them.

My love, live your life with purpose. It would take some time to discover your passion. Keep seeking anyway. Let your experiences be your teacher and never graduate from the school of life. Often, we use that which is impossible as an excuse to stop us from doing things that are possible. So don’t get distracted! May you never lose your inner child, your wild curiosity, beautiful innocence and undiscriminated mercy to Allah’s creations. Wherever you go, have Allah in your heart. Then, go with all your heart.

As you live your dreams in this world, have bigger dreams of what you would like to do in Jannah. Anything! We could eat and swim in a chocolate pool and not be worried about burning extra calories in the gym.

Discover the beauty in you. There will be days you doubt your self-worth because of what people say to you. When I was younger, I was surrounded by psuedo experts telling me what a woman should be. They tell me I shouldn’t laugh so hard because it’s not feminine. Someone told me to change the way I walk because boys don’t find me attractive. It’s crazy and funny at the same time. People will find ways to detect your flaws and use it as their conversation desserts. Let them. Be cool and imagine their cruel words vaporize into the sky like fairy dust. However, there are people who would advice you out of sincerity. Seek the good in their words and transform it through your actions. Let your amazing character define your beauty.

Everything you have, whether it be beauty, intelligence or strength, they all come from Allah. Acknowedge these gifts given to you. Treasure it. Use it for the good of society. Let this life be an expression of your gratitude towards the One who has granted you all those gifts. But if you tell me you’re going to join a beauty pageant, girl I would need to write another letter for that.

Strive to be a woman of Allah. Maryam, the mother of Jesus alaihisalam, was a pure woman who spent her life worshipping Allah in seclusion. When she was tested with pregnancy, people questioned her virtues. It’s intriguing that the one who went bonkers when this test happened was the society, not so Maryam. She manifested her strength and patience through her silence and righteous deeds. Allah was her refuge. Let this story be a reminder of strength, patience and unwavering faith.

Be with people who remind you of Allah. Embody their humility and modesty in your heart, speech and personal space. Learn to see the beauty in everyone. You will realize that even the poorest of people can be the ones with the richest hearts.

If I ever pressured you into doing something that you did not want to do, it was either I knew it would benefit you because it had benefitted me, or it was because I was selfish and did not take time to listen to your opinions. For that, I am sorry. I am human afterall.

Before you existed, I loved you. I made du’a for you to be a good servant of Allah and be the coolness of my eyes even before you were born. Even before I met your father. That is how much you mean to me. Whatever happens, my prayers for you will be eternal.

May we have an extraordinary fireworks-filled reunion in Jannah.

With Super Duper Love,



Fazliah aspires to be an adventurer in life and dreams of collaborating with Paolo Coelho to write a book together. She seeks inspiration to write through contemplating during nature walks or mountain hikes. 

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  1. Assalamualaikum
    I enjoyed ready the letter for my future daughter….
    And sharing it on whatapps with my others friends…
    Alhamdulillah, and keep up with the good works…


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