Review: Prophetic Timeline

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‘SubhanAllah!’ that was my first exclamation as Prophetic Timeline, the latest Islamic web project, loaded onto my browser ( More than just interactive, the project by a Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) based in the UK puts together all of the important events in our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW’s life (and meaningful events before) into a cogent, coherent and meaningful presentation.

The Prophetic Timeline categorizes the ‘pivotal moments’ in the life of our beloved Prophet SAW. The timeline begins from 2000BC, the period before the birth of Rasulullah SAW, to the point of his (SAW) death, giving us a comprehensive and wide overview of the beautiful and momentous points in his (SAW) life, and help us gauge the length and breadth of his (SAW) journey through his years of da’awah.

What I love best about the website is that users can look at all of the important events relative to one another. Even better, click on any part of the timeline and you will be spoilt for choice as to what to LEARN!

You can choose to:

  • look at the events and incidents that took place during the period/year you have selected (the calendar),
  • listen to an audio narration of the event (the microphone),
  • ponder over the lessons and the wisdom behind the event (the quill in the inkpot),
  • look at the edicts or rulings pertinent to the year and finally,
  • read about polemical rebuttals to certain contentious narratives related to the year.

Apart from the site’s signature Prophetic Timeline, you can also read the last sermon by the Prophet (SAW) (encapsulated in an interactive scroll) or read a beautiful account of the Beloved’s (SAW) self and character. An upcoming development is the exciting Sirah Map, which will make use of satellite technology to trace the quest of Nabi Muhammad SAW.

This is such a great ni’mah for those who have always wondered how we can all learn the Sirah Nabawiyah in a more meaningful manner, be it educators, parents, youths and individuals. I am sure you have always felt a little overwhelmed by the thousands of biographies on Allah’s Beloved (SAW) but now you can supplement all that reading with an interactive interface that lets you consolidate all the events or refer to them quickly when you need to. It is also definitely a useful and meaningful tool for learning and reflecting.

Most importantly, the Prophetic Timeline is proof that technology need not serve against Islam; in fact, coupled with knowledge and the right skills, topped off with the right intentions, something as wonderful as the Prophetic Timeline can benefit the Ummah to no end.

To end off, a most beautiful quote obtained from the site from the Prophet SAW at his (SAW) deathbed:

“Treat your women well, and do not oppress your servants, the prayer, the prayer, don’t be neglectful of the prayer. O God, my highest companion, O highest companion.”

May Allah bless the creators of the website, and bless us with syafa’ah as we learn to keep loving Rasulullah SAW everyday!

Written by:
Nabila Hanim

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  1. Assalamualaykum.

    I am writing to you on behalf on the Prophetic Timeline admin team.

    We are truly grateful for your review and would really appreciate any support you can offer in further marketing this noble project.

    Contact Us:

    Asim Khan
    Project Manager.


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