Business Listing / Featured Services Offers in 2015

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Get your business listed with us for only $60 per year. Previously $60 per month. So now you are paying for just one month for a year worth of advertising. Continuing reading if you wish to engage us on this services.


If you happen to visit our main website, you will see this section below the events section on “Featured Services”. This is where your business profiles will be featured. Try refreshing this page and you will see different services being rotated around.

So why advertise with 

Being around for a while, our portal have received consistent viewership since 2007. And almost on a monthly basis, we receive around 130,000 to 150,000 page views on average. On good months it can peak to 200,000 page views. For those who are familiar with unique page views, our hits are almost 45,000 unique visitors with each viewing 3 pages on average.

Are you on top of our mind? Or is your competitor doing so?

What’s more important is that whenever someone asks us for a service, we often have to look around and ask people about it. By being part of us, we would know that your organisation / company / individual provide such services which we can help to refer. You will be on top of our minds.

Example. If someone ask for a ToK Kadi. Will you be the first name that we will mention? Similarly if someone were to recommend a Mak Andam or a Message Therapist, will you be the first in our mind to refer to?

Think about it…

Searchable by Google

Today marketeers talk about SEO and makes a super big fuss about it. Most people like you may have no idea what they are talking about. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is simply explained by whatever activities or contents you provide on the web needs to be easily searched on Google or other search engines.

Now try searching for “Raja Urut” on Google. What do you find first?

Screenshot 2015-01-23 08.49.33

As you can see the top 2 results are linked to our websites. Yes without paying Google a single cent!

Why is that so?

Our portal is quite mature as we have been around for a while and our contents are mostly original so your business listing will actually mature with us. In no time of average 6 months of listing onwards and exposure in Social Media and our other marketing channels, your business profiles will definitely go up higher in the Search Engine rankings.

So don’t miss this opportunity!

Clients that have listed with us since 2012
– Raja Urut
Precious Health Products
– Royal Ambulance
– Care Ring Sling
– Barakah Capital Planners
– Synergist
– Pengurusan Jenazah Sinaran Baharu (PJSB)
– Faith Hub (Training Room)
– Pixelwave
and more..

How can I get my company listed here?

Here are our requirements.

As this is an Islamic portal, your business must be Syariah Compliant..

Meaning whatever you are selling and trading must not be Haram.
– No Alcohol / Food related (Non Halal meat) and Pork
– No Sex related services/items, Pimping, etc
– No Gambling services are allowed

If you clear the above censors, then proceed.


** Graphics and contents should be provided by client.
** Design fees apply if you choose to engage us to do it.
** Business Listings does not guarantee you enquiries or sales, however we guarantee that a substantial no of viewers will be looking at your listing which may lead to eventual inquiries/sales.
** To get more visibility, you will still need other effective marketing means. Example – FB ads. Banner positions. etc.

Next refer to the following example. >>

Items you need to provide:

1) An image – a4 size. Provide graphics in JPEG format. If you do not have an image, you can hire us to design for you. Design fees apply ($100 and above). Videos are optional. If you have we can add it in.

2) A text description of your services and your offers. If you have the text in the image, also provide us in MS Word/Text Editor/Etc or just type the text in the email.


This will allow Google to find you. Google cannot detect words in Images (remember this please).

3) Email all these information to Fadzuli >> [email protected]

4) Once we received the email, we will invoice you accordingly. Payment can be made via Bank transfer, Paypal, Debit/Credit or by cheque.

5) Once payment is received we will move forward by publishing it on our site.


If its not easy for you, please call Fadzuli @ 9452 0491 for help.

So don’t miss this opportunity for just $60 per year.

Your offers and profiles will look like this.

Screenshot 2015-01-23 09.27.00


So don’t wait. Take action today! Call Fadzuli @ 9452 0491 for help. If I don’t answer you I might be driving/riding or in meetings.

Subscribe to our free newsletters to get Events, Infaq and Mufti live updates.
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