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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

Grow…Let’s Grow… That’s one of the keywords that rings in my mind since the start of this year. And many times I’ve mention this to my team, we will grow this year and we must GROW. is soon reaching its toddlers age. We are already more than 3 years old now and we can’t call ourselves a baby anymore in the Business world. So we got no choice but to grow.

With that we need a plan. A plan to grow step by step steadily.

The first of the plans have been initiated successfully with the coming on board of our freelance editor, Ameera who is working around the clock looking for writers and searching for articles to fill up the editorial section of She has done a great job so far hasn’t she?

The visitors to this portal have also increased by 40%. From 9000 unique visitors to 14,000 unique visitors for the month of January 2011. In total we have broken the 40,000 page views too.

Alhamdulilah. With that plan taking effect, we have also taken the second step to have more products listed at our online shops. The targeted number by June 2011 is about 100 items listed there. We are now at the 25th item. Also we have 2 Virtual Internet Specialists supporting us with the work of updating the commerce site.

Hence in total we now have over 4 paid freelancers  working on this portal at all times. Be it in updating the events & classes, to updating the editorial sections and to updating the products in the shopping area. We are really grateful for their support  in making this portal work and grow.

Sales Force

Hence we come to next phase in this business which is to grow our Sales Force. Without this component in the business, we may not be able to sustain the future expenses that will occur in the growth of the business. Hence we need to grow this group of supporters.

This group of supporters can help us by promoting our online shops via Affiliate Marketing or help us push our advertising services ( which will be ready by end February ). Each will be remunerated based on per sale of items.

We would like to invite interested candidates to help push the online sales further.

1) Go through the Basic Affiliate Training Program under >> View this site. In this program you will need to go through 7 online lessons (self study) and attempt to make your first dollar through promoting this $1 campaign. This training program is free.

2) To test you for your commitment, Affiliates must reach up to the $10 target before the doors are open to more products or services.

For those who completed this program, will then be asked if they would want to promote our best selling products as shown below.

As mention above, we are targeting to get 100 products uploaded by June this year. Hence there will be plenty of products and options to choose to promote. Our Affiliate will have a choice to push items relevant to their industry or their blogs. Furthermore this Affiliate programs are also applicable to events and courses.

So do you want to Grow with us and at the same earn with us?

Here’s how?

1) If you don’t like promoting and selling things but you like to write articles, stories and reviews. We are open to more article contributions on Islam and so on. Writers are paid according to the quality of that article and after its approved by our editor and published through our editorial site. Write in to our editor – [email protected] for details.

2) If you don’t like to write articles, but you just want to earn money from promoting the products online, be our affiliate. Please go through the free training program here.

3) If you don’t want to earn money but you would like to write reviews on our products and services. You can keep the products and books that you receive from us in exchange for the reviews. Details please contact our [email protected]

3) If you wish to volunteer as Organizing crew for Functions & Events. Please contact Bro Luqman >> [email protected]

On a final note.. Grow with us and insyallah you will be rewarded too.

May Allah bless all of you. Insyallah.

Jazakallah Khayran


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