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It is really exciting to bring back this tradition of using Dinar & Dirham to buy or purchase items from our online shop.

For you to understand why we are bringing this tradition, here’s a little history.

Source: http://www.islamicmint.com/dinar_dirham/index.html

1. History of the Dinar & Dirham

In the beginning the Muslims used gold and silver by weight and the dinar and dirhams that they used were made by the Persians.

The first dated coins that can be assigned to the Muslims are copies of silver dirhams of the Sassanian Yezdigird III, struck during the Khalifate of Uthman, radiy’allahu anhu. These coins differ from the original ones in that an Arabic inscription is found in the obverse margins, normally reading “in the Name of Allah”. Since then the writing in Arabic of the Name of Allah and parts of Qur’an on the coins became a custom in all mintings made by Muslims.

Under what was known as the coin standard of the Khalif Umar Ibn al-Khattab, the weight of 10 dirhams was equivalent to 7 dinars (mithqals).

In the year 75 (695 CE) the Khalifah Abdalmalik ordered Al-Hajjaj to mint the first dirhams, thus he established officially the standard of Umar Ibn al-Khattab. In the next year he ordered the dirhams to be minted in all the regions of the Dar al-Islam. He ordered that the coins be stamped with the sentence: “Allah is Unique, Allah is Eternal”. He ordered the removal of human figures and animals from the coins and that they be replaced with letters.

This command was then carried on throughout all the history of Islam. The dinar and the dirham were both round, and the writing was stamped in concentric circles. Typically on one side it was written the “tahlil” and the “tahmid”, that is, “la ilaha ill’Allah” and “alhamdulillah”; and on the other side was written the name of the Amir and the date. Later on it became common to introduce the blessings on the Prophet, salla’llahu alayhi wa sallam, and sometimes, ayats of the Qur’an.

Gold and silver coins remained official currency until the fall of the Khalifate. Since then, dozens of different paper currencies were made in each of the new postcolonial national states created from the dismemberment of Dar al-Islam.

Allah says in the Qur’an:

And amongst the People of the Book there are those who, if you were to entrust them with a treasure (qintar), he would return it to you. And amongst them is he who, if you were to entrust him with a dinar would not return it to you, unless you kept standing over him. Qur’an (3,75)

Here we are just doing our small part to revive this lost tradition. In fact to revive this tradition, the dinar and dirham needs to be circulated around first. To begin with, individuals should start owning the dinar and dirham, then trade it with people or businesses who accepts the dinar and dirham to allow it to circulate.

There are many versions of the Dinar & Dirham. There are Australian versions, there are Brunei versions etc and it can be confusing at times. Furthermore the prices of the Gold & Silver is also different. Some are in ounce and some are in grams. So which do we follow.

Since we were introduced to the Dinar and Dirham by Ustaz Noor Deros, he explains that there is a body called World Islamic Mint who are developing standards so that us Muslims can trade among each other without much variation in prices. Imagine one day you can just bring the recognised version of the Dinar Dirham and use it to buy anything around the world.   How cool is that right?

If you see our online shop, we have put up the sales of the Dinar and Dirham for you to acquire it. Please note that the price from the World Islamic Mint when converted to Singapore is also including taxes (7% GST), shipping fees and also a little margin for the people who brings the Dinar in to Singapore. As gold and silver is a control item in Singapore, we have to adhere to all the costs. So that is why it is a little more expensive here than overseas.

For us @ Islamicevents.sg we charge an extra $7 for delivery to your homes. You may also purchase books, cds and others along with it during your online orders to save the delivery cost.

To date, there are a growing number of Muslim businesses beginning to accept the Dinar & Dirham and these process of establishing and introducing this to the merchants and businesses will take some time.

So if you wish to acquire the Dinar & Dirham, you can visit this page >> Online Shop

And if you wish to purchase any of our items, books, cds from Islamicevents.sg we welcome it. For Dinar & Dirham payments, please choose Payment On Delivery option during the check out process and indicate in remarks that you wish to pay by Dinar & Dirham.

Just a last note. Regardless of where we go in the world, Gold and Silver  will always be valuable as it can be sold and traded where as the value of our current curries fluctuates and we may not gain nor benefit from holding them in the long run. We can discuss this further and we welcome comments from you.

Note that Comments are moderated, if we feel that the questions are personal, we will answer you directly via email and please comment responsibly.

Jazakallah Khayran,

Fadzuli Wahab
Co Founder Islamicevents.sg

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  1. Salam bro Fadzuli!
    Thank you for the explanation. It is an interesting concept to learn about. You have a point there about the value of gold and silver compared to our currencies value which fluctuates erratically sometimes, and affect economy and spending.

    Jazakallah Khairan!

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    i want to make enquiry regarding about the dinar currency. where can i get the dinar in singapore cause i wanted to do for our mas kahwin. hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Do you accept dinar from malaysia sir, if i want to exchange this dinar at singapore could you give me the address of islamic finance pawnshop sir


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