Are You Not Sad?

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Are we not sad looking at the conditions of kuliahs at our mosques. Well besides the popular Asatizahs conducting which has many people, I am actually sadden by the state of some of the classes being run.

As I was at Kassim Mosque yesterday, I took this photo and publish it on Facebook.

Because of this image being shown.. See the response.

As you can see, there are many people who are looking for such events, classes and mind you they are Hungry for such knowledge.

So its quite sad to see a whole big room with only 5 people in the room. Kind of depressing if you ask me.

Now where do we go wrong?

Ideally it would be wonderful to have full house crowds in every class in every mosque each week. But we know it boils to many factors. Here’s a list.

1) Topic
2) Awareness
3) Constant Communication
4) Time
5) Venue
6) Speaker

Each of those factors has big roles to get crowds in the room but I purposely put them in this order to tell you that based on my experience and own knowledge ( I may be wrong ) that this is order that you can follow to get good audience.

Speakers I put last because it really has the least pulling power because I’ve been to Full House events without people knowing who the speaker is. Seriously. Strange right? So you see its not the highest priority actually.

Now let’s go through a little bit more detail.

1) Topic is the most important.

When you have the right topics that people are hungry for, they will come to you no matter who the speaker, where its being held, timings and such. Because if that topics hits their hearts and they have problems related to that, they will come. Insyallah.

2) Awareness

There are so many platforms today. Offline Media, Online Media. Word of mouth marketing and such. I say get it out there. You like it or not. Someone must do something to get it out there. If you are weak in this, admit it and contact us for consultation.

3) Constant Communication

What many don’t understand and get is that this is very important. Regardless of what platform you use, Facebook, Newspaper, SMS or anything, constant messaging and reminders is key to the success.

Change Your Words, Change Your World. So know now that these 3 points above carry the heaviest weight.

So Time, Venue and Speaker are seriously secondary. I wont elaborate on it. For some of you, you won’t agree with me but let me tell you its not as important as the top 3.

Here’s what I feel after 4 years of running

A lot is being done. Yes you see it everywhere but majority of it I will say is for the SAKE of doing it.  I believe such mentality should be erased from our community heads.  In the past it would have work just to get an Asatizah to start a class and it spreads by word of mouth. But today, the challenges are different. The asatizah itself has to be buzzing and marketing about it in various platforms. Be it facebook,, offline word of mouth or more.

Seriously a lot more work needs to be done.

The work can be never ending but its important to keep going on.  If Rasulullah saw till his last days still work his way to remind us of Allah’s words, so why are we quitting so soon!

Let’s have heart, put in the faith that things will change, inspire yourself and others to learn and take proper actions and ENJOY this journey.

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