Praying in Government Schools

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Salam to All,

I would just like to ask to ask are children allowed to perform their solat in their school premise. Some schools actually ends at about 8 pm with CCA. What happens to their solat?

By Sister UmmiFarah

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  1. Salams.

    All the while i’ve been schooling in a govt school. From Opera Estate Primary School to Victoria School and then to Tampines Junior College, i’ve always been able to find a ‘praying corner’. Alhamdulillah my solat are rarely missed irregardless of how late sch ended for me back then.

    Normally, you can try asking the malay teachers or the muslim cleaners of the school if there is any designated area that they have assigned for prayer. If not then i guess you would just have to find a nice cosy corner to perform Salat. It is not that difficult actually. All you need is the kiblat and a mat and a small quite corner. I remember there were times when i prayed in my CCA store room and that would be sufficient.

    Hopefully this would be of benefit to you, InsyaAllah.


  2. I would have to totally agree with what Mr.Umar has said.The student should take the initiative to ask their malay teachers for help in this.When I was in Tampines Secondary School…I’d have a break from 1-2…then we’ll start our remedial…for this timing…i have a group of friends who we always pray together.We would take turns to borrow keys from the principals office to open up the gym for us.We’d keep the lights and the fans switched off and also we’d close the windows so as to not create curiosity.Syukhran…

  3. Salam,

    I too was from TPSS like Fadhil. Back in those days, there was an area in the canteen which was used as a musollah. Sometimes we used the house room or wherever we can conduct our prayers as long as the place is suitable to do so. Normally if we have remedial lessons in the afternoon, we’ll inform our respective teachers that we’re having our Zuhur prayers for a while and they were understanding enough to let us off for a few minutes. And course when we say prayers, we shouldn’t take our sweet time, taking advantage of it by going for extended breaks etc. Btw, Mr. Fadhil, are you the brother of Faisal from Pasir Ris Sec/NYP?

    • Assalamualaikum… My apologies for replying to you 7 years on… Yes I am… Ma sha Allah 🙂

  4. Salam,

    Older students may have no problem to take the initiative but younger ones (puberty onwards) normally will be too afraid or show no cause or concern for such matters In fact they will find that as an excuse not to pray. Of course praying will be nothing if not from the heart but these are their formative years and the more we leave them alone, the more they will delay and stray. For these cases, the parents will have to step in and take that initiative. Also the boys should be allowed to take longer lunch during Fridays and perhaps do remedial of what they’ve missed later.

  5. I think that such rosy pictures are not representative. In many schools when the Muslim students wanted to pray they were told not to because we are living in a secular system. In some schools even when the Malay teachers tried to help, it is to no avail… even the Malay teachers were told not to pray within the premises of the Schools. Usually the principal is the one who has the power eover this. Of course some are understanding principals but because there is no clear guidelines, many of the principals who for some reasons are against Islam will use the excuse that we are in a secular country and so, say no prayers in government schools.

    I think that this issue should be brought up to the Minister appointed by the government i.e. teh so-called Minister in charge of Muslim affairs AND the Ministry of Education. Muslim parents should also play a role but usually they are themselves lost as there is no true leadership in this issue.

    Fadhil said that he and others prayed in the gym with the lights switched off. I think while this seems ok, it is not. Students are curious and want to know what are you all doing in the gym in the dark. Some may peep in and thinking that you are up to no good call the police. Don’t laugh, thsi can happen… With the atmosphere of fear of “Muslim Terrorists” brought about by 911 which is a fitnah against the Muslims, I think we have to think twice about making it seem like we have something to hide. We should just pray no matter what!

  6. Wa’alaikum salam wr wbt,

    Syukran for bringing up this question.
    The answer is clear if you ask the authorities. Please refer to the Tudung issue many years back. The fundamentals are the same then and now.

    CCA or staying late is not an issue here. The question should instead be diverted to the child and family Islamic value system that is inculcated at home by the parents. Both parents shall need to set the right environment and leading by example at home. Islam is a simple and beautiful religion.

    The child’s age has to be taken into account as it is not mentioned. Many muslim students have made it through the secular education system and still achieve their daily obligatory prayers requirement.

    The solution lies with the students, muslim teachers of the specific school and the parents all working together to find a solution.

    I have faith and confidence that Sister Ummi Farah can find a suitable solution. Insya Allah, if we seek Allah, He will Be with us and shall guide us to be close to Him.

    Salam Ukhwah

  7. yes i am the brother of Muhd Faisal from pasir ris secondary.Alhamdulillah….this discussion to me has been a fruitful one.May allah swt grant his blessings for all of you.Amin.

  8. Assalamualaikum,I would like to address the concerns of Mr.Abdullah. I will have to safely say about praying in the gym with the lights switched on of switched,does not really become a big issue because at the end of the day is whether our obligation to Allah swt is being fulfilled,which to do our solat.And as long as our obligations to allah swt is done,I believe that Allah swt will not let any ill thoughts come against us.

    Furthermore,I would like to add the fact that I would not want to be accused by some of my peers of being Ria’ with my prayers.I did switched on the lights at first but i found out that one-the room is already well lit since its around 1pm – 2pm in the afternoon and that there’s no need for lights to be switched on the windows are always open,which also paves way to the fact that if students are curious to what they want to know is happening in the gym,they can take a peep.Number two is the issues of me and my friends being Ria’.I hope that no one would misunderstand this.
    Nonetheless,I still think that the issues of praying has to be initiated with the students themselves first…



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