Hajj Visions – Online Photography Competition

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Attention to all Photographers ( Amateur or Professional ),

Hajj is just around the corner. So there will be festivities going on. Our stomachs will look forward to the Rendang, the Ketupat and more right.  Hajj unlike Aidilfitri signifies more than just that “Makan” celebration as it also indicate “Sacrifice” which goes back to the story of Prophet Abrahams a.s.

I do not want  to go into details about that, so let’s get to the point.

Hajj Visions is about capturing that moment during this Hari Raya Haji. What is it through your eyes do you see this Eid to be? Capture that moment that others don’t see and share it with the world through this Online Photography Competition.

If you have always been the person behind that camera, you may want to join this competition.

The images can be:

1) People handling the Sheeps ( Qurban )
2) Family Gatherings
3) Food
4) Sending / Receiving a family member to the airport for their Pilgrimage

and more. We leave it to you with your imagination.

Rules & Regulations

1) Closing Date: Sunday 28th of November. Yes, you have 1 week to submit your entries.

2) Late entries are not allowed.

3) Each participant can submit up to 3 pictures / photos for this competition.

4) Photos / Pictures are not allowed to be amended from the original taken. In other words you cannot Photoshop it. To keep this competition purely on Photo Taking. Otherwise its a Design Competition right?

5) Please email your name, contact no and email address to allow us to contact you back.

Also share a little bit about who you are and how you get the inspiration to take this shot. So that when we post your photos up, our readers can also know who you are and the story behind those images.

7) Submit photos & details to [email protected]

Terms of competition ( *Important. Please read this )

*Materials submitted by participants regardless they win/lose will belong to IslamicSG Networks LLP in anyway they wish to use it for – Commercial or Non Commercial.

How’s the judging going to work?

– 10% Online Votes ( Public can vote )
– 90% Judges Votes

Online Votes will be open for 1 week on 1st December to 8th December. Results will be out by 10th December. Insyallah.

There will be 2-3 judges for this competition. Names will be revealed soon.

Criteria in Judging

1) Uniqueness of Photo/Image – 10%
2) Use of proper Photography Techniques ( Lighting, Zooming, etc ) – 10%
3) Creativity – 80%

* Criteria may change based on Judges’ recommendations.

Prize Presentation Ceremony

– To be confirmed.

Questions & Answer

Q: I am overseas. Can I participate in this competition.

A: Yes. You can. Its an ONLINE Photography Competition, hence we will do this virtually. So anyone can participate in this competition any where from around the world.

Q: I am 7 years old. Can I participate?

A: Yes. You can. We are not setting an age barrier here. If you have the skills to compete. Go for it!

Q: I am not a Muslim. Can I participate?

A: Yes. You can. But you have to follow the theme. Its on Hari Raya Haji!

If you are keen to participate! Press LIKE on this page and share it with friends and family.

Any other inquiries about this competition, please email to [email protected]

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  1. Quick Question from an Interested Participant:

    Question: Can I take pics of sheep without slaughtering. Can take picture upside down?


    Its up to your creativity. What’s more important is ADAB. Please don’t shoot the animals private parts and show to the world.

    If you are taking pictures of people, please request permission. ( Nanti orang minta royalty pula )

  2. I have two questions: i) About Picture size ?
    ii) How abt basic editing such as cropping or sharpness/contrast !



    • Assalammualikum wr wb,

      Thank you for the question Mr Sahari. High Res image would be great. Nowadays most digital cameras generates a high Res image. As mention in the rules you don’t have to crop images or edit the images. for contrast etc, you should know to adjust from your cameras.

      This is to make fair for those who does not know how to edit images. Please play by the rules.

      Thank you


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