Mass Musollah Clean Up 1434H / 2013 – Update

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In total we have more than 160 volunteers to count and my handphone seems to be receiving much more requests. Unfortunately we cannot take anymore volunteers due to the overwhelming requests.

We have also manage to group and assign the various musollahs to the groups. Each group of volunteers will be covering 3-5 musollahs islandwide.

We have also increased the number of musollah to cover from 100 to 150 musollahs. But there is an issue, we don’t have enough vehicles and drivers to cover them all. Based on the draft assignments, we have assign those with cars to cover the northern, western, southern and eastern parts of Singapore. Whereas the central areas will be covered by foot. Ideally if we can get 10-12 more cars this would cover it as majority of the Musollahs are in the central region.

…. I have a car and wish to participate.. How can I do that?

Email to [email protected] by Friday, 12 July 2013. We need your details so that we can assign you the groupings as soon as possible.


We are still open for more sponsorships. Here are list of items collected so far.

1) Telekungs. 200 pax (old and new) collected. We can still accept 50 more.

2) Sejadahs. 33  collected. We can welcome 200 ++ more.

3) Kain Pelekats. 10 collected. We can welcome 200 ++ more.

4) Perfumes / Attars. 0 collected. 200 ++ sponsors coming soon.

5) Mini Qurans. 0 collected. We can welcome 200 ++ more.

6) Slippers – we totally forgot about this from the first list. We welcome 200 plus more.

How do I sponsor these items? 

You can purchase or pass existing unused and new items and send to our collection center at 45 Bussorah Street S(199463).

2 more days left. Timings. 11 am to 7pm.

Cleaning Equipments

1) Brooms
2) Pails
3) Rags
4) Mops
5) Detergents
6) Musollah Logo & Qiblah Sticker Printing – Sponsored
7) Venue – Sponsored
8) Air Fresheners ( Suggested by a few volunteers )

Cash Sponsorship collected so far: Almost $1,000.

Most of the cash will be used for the items above. Anything that remains will be donated to the two mosques that are supporting us.


Wish to contribute Cash Sponsorships?

You can sponsor through the paypal buttons on this page, or transfer to our DBS Current Account: 048-902262-0. (Do inform us of your transfer) Corporate Sponsorships are welcome.

If you wish to pass cash to us personally, please drop by our office at 45 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199463

Please contact Fadzuli @ 9452 0491 or email to [email protected]

———- Other Important information ——————–

Leaders & Drivers Briefing

Saturday, 2pm to 3.30pm @ Hackerspace – 70A Bussorah Street, Singapore 199483.

This venue is just down the street from the Collection Centre – 45 Bussorah Street..

This briefing will be covering the routes for Drivers and ensure that Safety is highlighted during the clean up. And also the activities at the various Musollahs.




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