Mass Musollah Clean Up 1434H / 2013

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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

About 3 years ago, we have this idea to run a Mass Musollah clean up. The whole purpose of this is to gather volunteers to come together and help discover and identify the Musollahs all over Singapore. But that plan did not go through as we had other Ramadan projects that needed our attention for the last 3 years.

Well this year, it is a blessing as we can have this year FREE to run other projects . So this Musollah Clean Up initiative came to mind again and let’s make it happen this time round!

RAMADAN is the best month of all  the other Islamic months after all. Let’s do whatever best to give back to the Community.


So here’s the plan…

We are estimating to clean up about 100 Musollahs although there are more than 200 in our list. So there will be lots of activities from collecting, packing and eventually going down to the Musollahs and cleaning them up.

We may also need to get volunteers to call up the Mall owners to inform them of this Mass Musollah clean up going on so that we don’t get stop by security and so on.

Hence there will be 3 Phases in this Operation. Collection, Packing & Clean Up & Distribution.

Phase 1 : Collection. — 10th July to 13th July 2013 (1st Ramadan to 4th Ramadan 1434H)

We will be collecting all Sponsored items at:

45 Bussorah Street Singapore 199463 ( Just a few steps away from Sultan Mosque )

Time: 11 am to 7pm ( Daily )

What can you contribute?

1) Sejadahs / Prayer Mats – 200 pcs
2) Telekungs – 200 pcs
3) Sarungs / Kain Pelekats – 200 pcs
4) Mini Qurans – 200 pcs

Cash Sponsorships ( Now to 13th July 2013 )

Cleaning Equipments

1) Brooms
2) Pails
3) Rags
4) Mops
5) Detergents
6) Musollah Logo & Qiblah Sticker Printing – $1200
7)  T-Shirt Printing ( Depending on the number of volunteers ) x 100 pax – $1,000
8) Venue – $200

How to sponsor cash?

1) You can Bank Transfer to DBS Current Acct – 048 902262 0.

Please send an email to [email protected] after you made the transfer. Please mention amount as we need to issue you an e-receipt for accounting purposes. We won’t be mentioning your names in public or online.

2) To sponsor via Debit / Credit / Paypal >>

receipt issued by Paypal will be counted as a receipt.



Phase 2: Packing ( Saturday, 13th of July @ 45 Bussorah Street S(199463) )

Time is of essence. We need to pack these items for each groups to allow the Volunteers to pick up the items easily on the 14th. As we have never done this before, expect a big mess and an unorganised group of volunteers helping out. So let’s enjoy the experience yah. (Jangan Marah-marah ya!)

Packing starts from 11am on that day. 

Leaders / Drivers Meeting – 2pm to 3pm @ 70 Bussorah Street S(199483)


Phase 3: Clean Up & Distribution ( Sunday, 14th of July )

This would be the Big Day then. It starts from 9am and all the way to 7pm. Join us for the Mass Iftar.

9am – Volunteer gather at Al Falah Mosque
– Briefing & Assignments of Musollahs.

11 am to 6pm – Own time own target -to clean up the Musollahs assigned.

6pm – Gather at Masjid Kg Siglap for Iftar

Maghrib – Iftar together

End of Activitiy

By the end of the day, we hope the volunteers will have an enriching experience.




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