Career as an Islamic Wealth Planner and Advisor ( Aman Amanah Advisory Group )

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Whenever someone ask me about what I do, often I answered as such, “I help my Muslim Brothers and Sisters planned their wealth to achieve barakah in life and ensure that their families are secured when they leave this world in a manner that my God ( Allah swt ) will be pleased with them”. Yes it may be a mouthful to say such words but I feel certain that the work we do, insyallah will achieve those objectives. 

However this career does not start easy. Just like any students who goes in to get their diploma or degree, one have to spend time learning and sacrificing a lot of their own time and money in the beginning. 

Firstly, you will have to attend courses and pass exams in order for you need to be licensed as a Financial Planner. Then comes the training under Islamic Wealth Advisory. 

i) You will be learning how to calculate Zakat for people

ii) You will be learning about how to write an Islamic Will and the regulations revolving around CPF and so on.

iii) You have to understand why some insurance or investments are not halal. 

And lots more..

However knowledge is not enough, people skills are also important as we are dealing with people, knowing how to communicate to people and listening to their issues day in and day out. There is a saying in this business only when you really care about others, they will care for you too.

One of the hardest part of this job is that it’s purely commission based. Which means if you don’t sell anything, there will be no food for you on the table. And even if you sell something, you will only earn your commission 30-60 days later. Some of your commissions can be as small as $2 for a $100 product that you sell and you will be wondering why are you selling a product worth that much and earning so little. Compared to other sales industries, the commissions can be 10% to 40% to even 50%. However most of the commission you make here might only be 1-2%. 

But what’s the difference?

Recurring income. Unlike other trade, as long you keep servicing the clients over the years, this $2 commission will be worth thousands for you one day.

This is also among the reasons why thousands came in and yet many left for other more stable jobs. However for those who stayed and persistently work for it they will see the rewards sooner or later because they see a reliable source of income that any other job cannot provide. Especially in todays working environment where there is no such thing as a retirement pension. This will differentiate you and them.   

The most valuable part of this job requires one to be good at sales. Be it one to one sales or one to many. Such skills takes time to develop and you will be mentored by the best in the business. Even if you don’t stay in the industry, the exposure in sales will have a high demand when you apply for a sales job in other industries. Simple reason, because every other business requires a sales force. One will also requires constant training and network to upgrade themselves in terms of knowledge and sales.

If you decided to stay on for the long term, you may see fantastic results from it. Not just monetary but more in the form of gratitude when your clients investments are able to pay off their children university education, allow them to save them for Hajj or the will ( wasiat ) that you help them to write was able to save their family from breaking apart. They will thank you when their families don’t fight over money because you helped them cleanse the Riba from their bank accounts. All this doesn’t happen overnight though. 

There are more than half a million Muslims in Singapore and do you believe they need services we shared above?  As you can see, this job is not for everyone however every Single Muslim will require a financial advisor that could help them to map their finances for them and get help from them for the various services shared above. 

Much have been said, we are looking for individuals who wish to embark on this career as an Islamic Wealth Planner and Advisor. 


Education ( This is set by MAS – Monetary Authority of Singapore )
– At least ’A’ Levels or a Diploma ( All Polytechnics in Singapore )
– Minimally a recognised Degree for Madrasah Students

Age: Min age of 21 years old

And finally a heart for the Community

If you are interested, please submit your resume
to [email protected]

If you are selected after the interview process: 

  1. You will have a minimum allowance given to sustain you for the whole learning stage ( 1 year ).
  2. During this stage, you will be given the training and the exams will be sponsored by Aman Amanah Advisory Group.
  3. During the first few months, you have to follow your mentor to meet potential clients.
  4. Also during the first few months, you will also be introduced to handle the paper work involve after a client choose to sign up for the various packages.  

If you are interested, please submit your resume
to [email protected]

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