Are you the writer that we are looking for?

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Assalammualaikum wr wb,

Are you the writer that we are looking for?

We are looking for writers for a new campaign that we are launching by early next year. The topics that we are going to ask you to write will be very vast and thus we need to get at least 20-30 writers and researchers to help out.

We can’t afford to pay the writers yet.

We are still a small start up with very small capital, it is hard for us to hire all of you. So how we can compensate you is through advertising you as our writer. We can link your website / blog and feature you as our Guest Writer and we will position you as an expert in that area that you’ll be writing on.

As you can see our hit rates are quite good as we do have a consistent traffic of 15,000 to 20,000 viewers every month and recently we have hit over 460 subscribers thus far.

Our Target

We are targeting for 150 articles and these articles will be distributed through our networks via email, our blog section and our auto response systems. Everything is via the internet as we see this as the feasible outlets for the future. Each article will also be diseminated every 3-4 days. So it will be all year round.

So how does it work?…View this image below.

Advertisements all year round?

Yes. you hear that right. All year round advertisements. How this will work is between the writer and us – you do need to sign a confidential agreement. Yes we are serious about Confidentiality.

What we can tell you now is that every single person will see these articles only once at very different times of the year. The systems that we are using are not new. Infact its being used widely in the US but we are modifying to fit our culture, our religion and to our people.

Will you write for us?

Ok now you may be wondering what are we asking you to write about?

So here are the topics that we have listed so far:

– Sunnah – sunnah nabi (we will bring back the topics brought out by our brothers from DYN) and perhaps amplified it. 
– The Quran – ( Many topics – we are expecting up to 20-30 articles)
– Fiqh, Aqidah 
– History
– Haj
– Maulid and so on
– Fatwas – is this still relevant?

– Arabic Lanuage – The need for this and perhaps how we can use it in our daily lives and business.

Why business? Opportunities that we are missing out! 
– Islamic Banking – Why are our banks different? How can Islamic Banking save the world?
– Insurance – Is there a need for Insurance?
– Real Estate – Making the right deals. 
– Marketing – Why is there a need for every Muslim to learn marketing. And a proper one. 
– Doing Business in Singapore, Middle East and with Muslims from all over the world.
– Possible Business Fundings for our Muslim Businesses & Projects.

Wealth & Assets
– Zakat – Why and what’s zakat? 
– Wealth Management – The Jar System 
– Wakaf – How can we make improvements on our current assets and the future ones that we are building.

– The online social phenomenon
– What’s troubling Youths today
– How can Islam change the way we live for YOUTHs
and many more

Social Issues 
– Pregnancy
– Tattoo
– Young Marriages
– and many more. 
– BGR 

– Children.
– Be a good parent.
– How to be a great Spouse
– and many more.

– Higher level education? Is that enough?
– What should teachers teach?
– and many more

Personal Growth 
– Personal Grooming

– adopting to new technologies
– the new Media 2.0

We are still brainstorming for more ideas.

How exactly will all this relate to

In order for us to convince people to attend events, there’s always the WHY? Why should I be there, why should I learn this? Why why why..So an effective way of doing this is through educating them on the WHYs. Nobody likes to be pushed to attend events right? Let’s do it differently and hopefully we will see better results. Insyallah.

At the same time, you readers will have more options to choose the courses and events to go to.

So today we are showing and bringing you a different form of content advertising adopted for the online market. It’s not new, its been done in TV and its been done in Radio. Today we showed you how its done online. 

We may soon adopt to video promotions soon but this will come in phases. We need focus on the current phase now.

Did you know?

Did you know we can always pluck out the topics from the Internet and credit the writers from overseas just by Googling it? Then again we will do injustice to our own people. We felt that we should empower our own writers, our people, our own our Professionals and our own organisatons and give them the opportunity to publicise their skills and their ideas.

Are you still Interested?

Please write in to [email protected] or contact us at 9452 0491.

This is a movement that cannot be done by us alone as we need a collective of people from various background. What we can promise is that we will lead the way and open up opportunities for everyone.

So here’s our invitation to you.

If you know of friends who may be interested in this project, please help us forward this email to them.

Thank you.


Co-Founder of


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