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Thank you for all the Sponsors and Contributors, your funds have been placed to develop the different components of this website. And among the long pending list is to build this Ticketing System. We have just completed Version 1.0 of this application and insyallah it will perform without hiccups.

Now let’s show you how to order Step by Step.

At the event page, once you read through the synopsis and details, click on “Register Now”.



Step 1) Once you reach the next page, Choose the Event Ticket Type and Qty.



Step 2) On the following page, fill in the Form Details.



Step 3) On this page, check your details. If you have type any wrong details, press back. Otherwise choose Payment type >> By Debit/Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

** We do not have Cash on Delivery option for this system as that will incur you delivery costs.



** Debit/Credit option. If you choose this option, it will lead you to Paypal and you will be ask to provide your Paypal passwords or if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can choose to enter your debit/credit card option.



** For Bank Transfer option – You can leave the Transaction Ref ID and confirm the order first. You can make bank transfer later as this will be reflected in your email.

Once you’ve cleared either the Credit/Debit or Bank Transfer Step, you will be sent back to the event page and there will be a message above the event. See below.




Step 4) Check Your Email Inbox.



Open the email and you should see this message below.



** For Bank Transfer Payment, the invoice will be reflected as PENDING when you make the order as our staff have to check if your payments have been made. Please note that tickets are not reserved unless payment has been made. Once payment is made, please reply to the email from the invoice and inform us of the date/time payment made and also the Transaction Reference No.

Finally. Please print this Email TICKET and present it as evidence of your payment on the actual day @ the Event Registration Booths.

Please adhere to our terms and conditions.

1) Tickets purchase are non refundable & no refunds given for failure of attending the events paid for.

2) Tickets are not reserved unless payment is confirmed.

3) As we are only ticket vendors, Islamicevents.sg is not responsible of what happens in the events as that is up to Organisers to settle the issues unless event is organised by Islamicevents.sg

4) Information collected by Islamicevents.sg such as name, email, contact numbers and others are only shared with Organisers of Event and will not be sold/shared with other organisations not involved in that Event.

That’s it for the Ticketing System. Do try it out soon and share with us your feedback on using the system so that we can further built on it and make the processes more smooth and simpler.



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  1. Salam,

    As payment did not went through, you are not considered registered and tickets are sold out. In other words there are no seats for u.

    We apologize for the inconveniences.


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