Advice series from Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jailani: The Heart Is Like A Ruby In A Cage

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Book 1, advice 1:

If we turn away from the decree of Allah, it means we lost our Deen, faith, striving and utmost sincerity.

The heart of a faithful one does not know why and how to give in to his desires. Instead it says, “Yes, all desires is my enemy and I need to overcome them.” Anyone who wants to change for the better must do this until he is safe from the evil desires because they tempt one to evil.

When those desires are kept in check and at peace then the desires become good, suitable to obedience and one feels easy to leave behind wrong doings. At this time, Allah says, “O you soul at peace, return to your Lord with a satisfied heart, blessed. Enter my Paradise reserved for my slaves.” (al-Fajr: 27-30)

Desires can increase, the bad can be removed, and it will not influence man. This happened to Prophet Abraham (blessings upon him) when he lost his desires without being tempted to evil.

When his heart is peaceful, many and various creatures came to offer their help to him and he says, “I do not wish any help from you, Allah knows best my condition, and He does not even ask…”

Due to his submission and holding on to Allah’s rope, Allah says to the fire, “Fire, be you cool. And keep Abraham safe.” (Al-Anbiya: 69)

Allah gives aid to the patient in this world without limit and showers His blessings to the patient in the hereafter without limit. Allah says, “Surely only the patient is increase in their sufficiency without limit.” (Az-Zumar:10)

Allah is aware, for any difficulty that is borne for His sake. Stay patient with Him and see His gentleness and the goodness for more years. Courage lies in a second’s patience. Allah says, “Surely Allah is with the patient.” (Al-Baqarah: 153)

With His help and victory. Keep patience with Him, keep alert and do not lose vigilance. It is not of benefit to wake up after our time to die comes, because it is not going to help.

Stay careful before meeting Him when one is accounted for suddenly and one regrets at a time when it will not turn back time and purify our hearts because Prophet Muhammad (salutations and peace be upon him) says, “Within Man is a piece of meat. When good the whole body is good and when bad the whole body is spoilt. Know that it is the heart.” (Hadith)

Goodness is in taqwa (righteousness) and tawakkal (submission after striving) and sincerity in deeds. Without those the heart is spoilt. The heart is like a bird in a cage and like a perfect ruby in a closet. And the bird safeguards the ruby despite being inside the cage. And the cage symbolise all the wealth of the world but even so the heart is most valuable compared to all of that.

O Allah,

Keep our senses busy in obeying you and our heart in knowledge of you,

And busy our lives day and night and make us among those foremost in faith (Salafus soleh),

Give us sustenance or Rizq like what you have blessed them with and be compassionate to us just as you were with them,



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