Equality of the gender

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In trying to understand each other, Adam and Eve have common roles and responsibilities …

  • The morality that binds and which raises one gender over the other:
  • 1. Kindness to animals
    Recall the story of the woman during the time of Prophet Isa (Jesus). For her compassion in giving drink to a dog, she entered heaven. A dog is still a creation of Allah so it is treated with kindness.

    2. Kindness to women
    Women’s suffrage has been a long fought battle in United States. No tougher was it for women in the olden Church days to strive to assert their possession of a soul which they were denied of. Women in Iran today prove themselves to be able to don the hijab while doing sports. Spousal marriage contract has allowed women to have housing and property rights in Islamic law.

    3. Kindness to children
    Choice of educating a child for worldly or knowledge of the hereafter has been a debate. Spreading love and compassion, abolishment of child trafficking, paediaticians and child development specialists working to improve their quality of life are needed efforts.

    4. Kindness to the elderly
    Most are beset with debilitating old age problems of the eye, hearing and impairments to speech, activities and very rarely do they seek help. Luqman Hakim is almost the perfect embodiment of how a father educates the son and how these ideas will pass on intergenerationally. The young complements the needs of the old and the old offers goodly advice to the young.

    The take away message is that Adam and Eve are entrusted to take care of each in serving Allah through serving mankind and together the betterment of society is achieved.

  • Respect Needs To Be Earned, Not Demanded Of:
  • 1. Calmness and strength
    Adam is known to remain collected in the face of challenges. Eve, despite her inclination towards tenderness, has inner strength. Communication and trust can easily break barriers between genders.

    2. Two heads give better solution
    Siti Khadijah Khuwaylid, the first of Prophet Muhammad (salutations and blessings be upon him) thirteen wives, was the first believer during Revelation via Angel Jibril (pleasure of Allah). Her husband’s mettle was tested before marriage and his trustworthiness provide a strong basis for her future submission. Today, findings on multiple intelligences allow better understanding on how the weakness and strength can be mutually complemented.

    3. Angels recording good and bad deeds
    While polygamy and women rights are both upheld by Islam, the key is to conduct them as how it was maintained by the best example Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Good deeds are multipled bounteously and the bad is not recorded if not acted out.

    4. Parable of the bee seeking the pollen for honey

    The bee needs the honey while honey needs the bee to pollinate. Psychological compatibility helps to buffer against daily life stressors while spiritual fit gives the needed continual pursuance of faith perfection. The bee benefits mankind with its harvest honey. More so should the two genders benefit and enjoin each other to goodness.

    This highlights the mutual benefits and blessings that Adam and Eve gives to each other. As such, there is no enmity rather both are twin halves of creation.

    Surah 16: An-Nahl (The Bee)
    Click on Quran app to listen to whole recitation by Shaik Mishary.


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