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Halal Universe to hold inaugural real estate investment conference looking at the opportunities in the Shariah-compliant space

•       UK-based Islamic scholar Syeikh Ahmad Saad to deliver keynote on  Real Estate Investments from The Islamic Perspective

(Singapore, 15 April 2013) – – Halal Universe, or www.halal-u.com, an online news portal focused on Shariah-compliant investments, will be holding its inaugural regional conference on real estate investments in June in Singapore in the Shariah-compliant space.

The conference which will have speakers from Australia, the UK, Malaysia and Singapore is entitled “Asia Real Estate Investment & Financing Conference 2013 – Opportunities in the Shariah-Compliant Space.”

The conference will be divided into several segments. The first will explore the outlook on the Asian real estate prices against the backdrop of loose monetary policies in the United States, Japan and Europe and global funds’ renewed interest in the Asian real estate.

The second will look at opportunities in the brick and mortar sector in Asia and the US amidst some governments’ cooling measures, while the third segment will be devoted to opportunities in SGX- and Bursa-listed Shariah-compliant real estate investment trusts (REITs) and REITs funds.
The gathering will also look into the development and challenges in the Shariah-compliant financing space.  Under this segment a panel will discuss the possibility of setting up a cooperative-based Shariah-compliant financing institution in countries with Muslim minorities like Singapore.

A segment of the conference will likely be devoted to the development and the opportunities of wakaf properties in Singapore.

Syeikh Ahmad Saad Ash-Shafi’ie Al-Azhari Al Hasani, an Islamic scholar, founder and director of the UK-based Ihsan Institure of Arabic and Islamic Studies, will be delivering the keynote speech on “Real Estate Investments from The Islamic Perspective.” Born into a family of scholars, he is also a descendant of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The conference is targeted at both Muslim and non-Muslim investors and professionals, Muslim organisations, industry professionals in the region, retail fund managers, financial institutions and anyone keen on real estate investing.

The one-day conference will be held on Thursday, 20th June at the convention centre Max Atria, Singapore Expo. Registrations before 15 May 2013 entitle one to an early bird fee of SGD 220 per person. Tickets cost SGD 280 per person after 15 May.

More details are available on http://www.halal-u.com/asia-real-estate-investment-and-financing-conference-2013.html.

Registration and sponsorship queries could be directed at +65-9685-7444 or [email protected]. Queries on speaking opportunity could be directed at +65-9848-2375 or [email protected]/-

Media Contact:
Ferina Aziz +65 9685 74444

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