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Contributed by Mrs Seema Ali, a natural healing therapist and student of English literature currently based in Jeddah. Graduated with Masters in Education at Indira Ghandi Open National University and International Indian School (Jeddah). Her interests include fashion, beauty, and health.


Let’s talk about exercise. Yes…….Indeed a very common term and we are all aware of it, in fact bored of the repeated muttering of exercise benefits all over the internet, television and magazines! But how many of us really do workouts on a regular basis? Exercising regularly for at least three to five times a week has innumerable health benefits.

In the following article, I would be talking about my personal experience regarding the benefits/advantages of exercising. Exercising not only benefits us physically but also mentally, emotionally and can have a huge positive impact on our everyday life.


Exercise not only keeps our body physically fit (lower’s body fat percentage) but also helps increase our muscle mass and bone density. Hence, we have a strong body, we do not tire ourselves easily and are capable in carrying out more activities than we usually do. Even our daily chores can seem to be very untroublesome and manageable. We can carry on activities like:

  • playing with our children,
  • taking the stairs,
  • carrying groceries,
  • doing the party preparations and
  • attending to our guests etc without getting much tired.


Exercising on a regular basis is not just advised for fat or obese people, but is as much important to the lean people too. It has been researched that men and women (including lean people) who are inactive are at a risk of developing diseases. Physical activity on a regular basis helps prevent and manage health problems like:

  • depression,
  • heart diseases,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • few types of cancers etc.

Moderate physical exercises helps in preventing and managing bone diseases like osteoporosis and other degenerative joint diseases.


I noticed that all these years my mental outlook on life had changed very much. I owe big thanks to my workouts! I became more positive and happy.

When we exercise, our brain releases chemicals called ‘endorphins’ and this helps us to feel good about ourselves. Regular exercising also helps in the removal of build up stress in our body, thereby keeping the stress levels low. It has been researched that both aerobic and anaerobic exercises have anti-depressive effects, they help to counteract the feelings of anxiety, hopelessness and laziness.When a person exercises, he/she starts looking much better physically, hence enhancing the body image which results in a high self-esteem and a positive outlook towards life.

The list of exercise benefits is inexhaustive. We can add more –

  • it helps to sleep better,
  • controls our food cravings and
  • lowers appetite,
  • makes us look young and age better,
  • gives us a beautiful skin,
  • aids in digestion etc.

We can indulge in physical activities which we like, this makes exercising more fun and effortless! Everyone has different likes and dislikes, choose an activity which you like,

  • it can be gardening,
  • playing your favorite sport,
  • simple leisure walking,
  • running,
  • swimming,
  • hiking,
  • bicycling ,
  • aerobics,
  • weight training,
  • pilates,
  • yoga,
  • horse riding etc.

Some people like to workout in the gym, some join defense classes, and some simply like to purchase an exercise dvd and workout at their convenience at home. In today’s times we have a magnanimous variety of exercises, making it easy for different types of personalities to choose the activities they like. For people who never did any exercises, just find your interest and get into it, it’s completely worth your time and you will feel energized in just few days.


I would like to conclude with a beautiful quote which I recently came across-

“Sharpen the mind, harden the body, soften the heart and be of service to others.”

A motto for the believer, by Abdel Malik Ali ~


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