Meat Delivered for JPM Jurong West

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On 16th January 2016, the infaq meat was delivered to Masjid Al Firdaus. The recipient was JPM Jurong West whom had their event the next day to cater for 500 people.


Meat delivered by HEZOM PTE LTD and pass on to Mr Abdul Kader (above left), one of the board members for LPM Jurong West ( Soon to be known as Masjid Maarof). On the right (Fadzuli Wahab, Co Founder


Mr Abdul Kader had requested each kilo of meat to be cut to 10 pieces, hence all these was done in Hezom’s kitchen before being delivered here.

By now, the certificates would have already reached to all that have performed Aqiqah, Nazar and Sponsors for this Dec Project. If you have not received the certs, please email to [email protected]

Project Name: Aqiqah/Nazar/Sponsor Meat from Australia (Dec 2015)

ISLAMICSG NETWORKS LLP ( ( Promotions & Marketing Agency)
Hezom Pte Ltd ( Logistic and Meat Suppliers)

Masjid Khadijah
LPM Jurong West

What’s next?

Unlike Aqiqah in Indonesia, Aqiqah Australia Project is done every 3 months and the meat can be flown back to Singapore for own majlis or used to feed the poor.

For this coming March 2016, the beneficiary that we have chosen is a charity registered organisation – FREE FOOD FOR ALL. Managed by Mr Nizar.

Free Food for All (FFFA) is a strictly non-profit private organization focussing on providing Free Halal Meals to the less fortunate, regardless of race or religion. They are a registered Charity UEN No : 201503391Z.

Mr Nizar, the founder of FFFA was running a shipping logistic business before he decided to dwelve full time in the Charity, sometime in 2014. In his journey, he found out that there were many senior citizens, lower income poor families that were hungry, almost on a daily basis in Singapore. Whilst we can’t really see such of the community, they do exist and are trying to live day by day.

Mr Nizar shared an incident where an elderly handicapped lady who lived in a single room rental unit had to resort to signalling her neighbours with a pole out her window, just to get assistance to get her food. Her husband had passed away many years ago and she did not have any children of her own. Being in her 80’s she suffered many illness and often unable to do much as she is wheel chair bound. However since then, she has gotten help from the neighbours and her meals are taken care of. Senior citizens in single room rented flats, single moms, lower income families where their income levels are below the lines to reasonably survive in costly Singapore.

Since Nov 2014, FFFA has provided close to 70,000 meals on a regular basis. The beneficiaries are spread across Singapore however many more locations needs such assistance. FFFA aims to be able to prepare and distribute 10,000 meals by mid 2016.

Through this project, how does it help FREE FOOD FOR ALL?

Through the Aqiqah/Nazar/Sponsorship project, FREE FOOD FOR ALL can receive the sponsored meat and hence reduce their cost of preparing the meals. Most of the protein provided are either Chicken or Fish based as they are not able to afford Mutton due to cost reasons. By providing the mutton, they can possibly cut their meal cost from $ 2.00 to $ 1.50 per meal.

What are we aiming for?

FFFA requires at least 20kg of meat per week. We told Mr Nizar we would attempt to target 1 year supply of meat which is equivalent to 20 kg x 4 weeks x 12 months = 960 kg  of meat. This would help the organization to provide more food to the less fortunate and assist them in lowering their costs.

How about chipping in?

If you have a newborn, you may consider this Aqiqah package and have some of the meat send to your place while the rest can be donated for this cause.

If you have a nazar, you can also use this option and donate all the meat to the beneficiary.

Or you can sponsor the meat by kilos. Get more details by clicking the link here.

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