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MasyaAllah if you are looking for materials to get your young children interested in learning about Islam, look no further than! The name is a wordplay on the word ‘awesome Muslim’ and indeed it is awesome!

Bearing the cutest and most colorful graphics, it is not just the kids that are attracted, grown ladies alike are downloading the posters and requesting for their pictures to be drawn!


The website is updated weekly with articles on various topics such as “Ways to Enter Paradise”, “Table Manners” and “A Guide to Proper Hijab”, all accompanied by banners and graphics that are visually pleasing and bright. is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and all graphics are drawn by Illy.


All materials on the website are suitable for children as well as teens. They would look great as posters in the kid’s room, in weekend madrasah classes, or even as books!

IslamicEvents had an interview with their founders, Ummu Nana & Illy Muzliza, and here’s how it went:

IslamicEvents: You have an awesome-ly cute website! How did OSM come up with the idea?

OSM: Masyallah thank you kindly for the compliment. It started back then at Ramadhan 2010, when we initiated a “30-Day OSM Ramadhan” Project. It was basically a series of colourful and simple drawings and each carried an easy to-do-kinda-list which Muslims could practice during Ramadhan (e.g: Read Quran, do charity, spread love). And these drawings were posted online and alhamdullilah we received positive feedbacks from friends and then later by others. So that prompted us to do more graphic-based da’wah, hence Owh So Muslim was born.

IslamicEvents: Have you approached any publishing houses or have any publishing houses approached OSM to publish your graphics into a book?

OSM: Alhamdullilah, we have been approached by a local publishing house but it’s still under discussion. We do have plans to publish OSM books in hope to further our da’wah mission, so we’ll see how it goes!

IslamicEvents: What are OSM’s future plans?

OSM: Insyallah with Allah’s blessings, we will continue with our weekly OSM Articles. We’re currently undergoing some plannings to adopt an orphanage home, so therefore to raise funds for the home, we will insyallah expand our OSMness into merchandises and products.

IslamicEvents: Would OSM consider making textbooks for pre-school and madrasahs?

OSM: Masyallah that’s a very awesome idea! If we have the opportunity, insyallah, why not? We would be honoured to utilize our talent and knowledge to further spread the da’wah.

IslamicEvents: When did OSM officially start and how has the journey been so far?

OSM: OSM officially made its mark on 10th of October 2010 with our first Article. It has been overwhelming so far and we’re overjoyed! However we are currently on a hiatus but insyallah we’ll get it back up soon! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters and fans for their continuous love and motivation! :)



OSM is currently on professional hiatus but they promise to come back with major OSM goodies so stay tuned! May Allah bless the efforts of all involved in the project and grant them success insyaAllah!

Check out for more articles and cute drawings!

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