Solawat Birrul Aulad

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Selawat By Syeikh Ilyas Syarqawi and Kiyai Muhammad Waqid Khazin

Allahumma solli ‘alaa Sayyidinaa Muhammadinin nabiyyil ummiyyil habiibil ‘Aalil qadril ‘azhimil jaah, Waj’al aulaadii min ahlis ‘ilmi walkhair, Walaa taj’alhum min ahlis suu-I wadh-dhair.

Allahumma baariklii fii dzurriyyatii wahfazh-hum Walaa tadhurrohum wawaffiqhum lithaa-‘athika warzuqnii birrohum wa’alaa Aalihii wasohbihii wasallim.


O Allah! Bestow your blessings upon Prophet Muhammad, our beloved illiterate one whose position is highly praised and whose station in hereafter is elevated, make my children amongst those of the knowledgeable and strive in doing good deeds and do not make them amongst those who do evil deeds and create hardships.

O Allah! Give me blessings in my lineage, protect them, do not cause them to be in hardships; increase them in understanding so as they will obey you and they worship you well; and shower your salutations and blessings upon the Prophet family and Companions.

All parents want their children to be filial to them. They want successful children who can be of usefulness to the society and community.

All parents want their children to walk in the straight path of Allah and to avoid doing deeds that will bring shame to them. They wish for them to be equipped with good moral and virtuosity.

All parents do not wish for their children to be given life’s challenges nor undergo major crises and they will always be there to defend them. No parent can take the pain seeing their child in pain.

The only way is to seek Allah’s blessings and constantly seeking refuge in the Muhaimin for only He can give protection.

To be grateful to Him who blessed them with children in the first place and made them perfect. Perfect for being a part of this world creation and having a chance to see and breathe this beautiful world.

To be thankful to Him for the blessings of making them the guardians of Him in this world. There is immense reward for parents for raising and providing and guiding their children.

To be aware that for a blessed family, each one has a role to play in becoming better Muslims. Each one seeking the pleasure of Him and making their every action only for Him.

As such daily remembrance of the Creator the Rabb al-Amin will help to put the worries and anxieties in check. There is no burden too much that Allah will test one with except that is uplifting to one’s soul.

As the family stay strong together, they can withstand the storms of life. Parenting requires patience and communication and interaction with children in manners that are kindly and respectful. Treating children as humanely possible as we adults will like to be treated with love, care and concern too.

Most importantly, knowing that Allah loves those who strive towards him even in the smallest deeds, they are the Ones who are magnified in His esteem.

And Allah is the best of the judges, Hakeem and he is the best and most qualified Amir, while children and parents are only bonded in blood ties on trust. To Him we will return and our deeds accounted for.

May we be amongst those blessed ones! And ease our accounting for the best efforts of ours! Ameen.


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