Tasmiun Session @ Takashimaya

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The purpose of this Tasmiun Session is to encourage everyone and anyone to read the Quran anywhere and everywhere except the toilet.

I think I’ve heard this being quoted over and over during the third Tasmiun session last Saturday. Even I did mention it in my speech at Takashimaya as I believe that the objective of this session was very clear and those who attended were really the DARING ONEs.

Who in the world would READ THE QURAN in public? Well we did it and everyone that attended did it. Around 20-30 strong people attended took turns to recite the Quran and everyone were given the chance to read the verses of their choice.

It started with small groups and towards the end everyone gathered. Well the surroundings was very noisy with the Brazilians troops dancing their Capoeira nearby and there was definitely a huge crowd surrounding them..Yes I was slightly distracted but hey that’s not our objective right. Focus people focus. So back to the recitations.


Anywhere in any situation, we can always read the Quran..

Reading the Quran together in smaller groups allowed the guys and gals to have a chance to read out loud and furthermore build confidence as it was quite nerve wrecking. Yes its nerve wrecking at some points especially with people like me who does not read the Quran so often..( Stumbles so often ) and well there’s always the Bros to guide, so there’s not much to worry about that.

This time round we had people from MDIS, NUS and many more. Some are like me, already in the working world. Wow it seems to be like a gathering from everywhere and anywhere right? So yeah we took the chance to ask them how they found out about us. Some found us through Google. We just love Google don’t you? Some through Islamicevents.sg mailing list….( That’s the reason you must subscribe! ) and some from friends who encourage them to come along.

Among those who came were of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds too. We have a Chinese Muslim brother from China who is currently studying in MDIS who knew about this event and came down to join us too. How wonderful right? Our Bro here could speak and understand Arabic quite fluently as he had taken one and half years of lessons on that.  Quoted by Bro Naufal,”Oh man, this guy is better than me”..

At the end of the day, we broke our fast consuming Old Chang Kee puffs and the many other POT LUCK that was brought along. Thank you to the committee that has worked hard on this. I hope everyone that attended this event had a great time and let’s make it bigger the next time yah.

The next time round will be at Darul Ma’wa Children’s home at Eunos this Saturday 20th September @5.30pm. We’ll have fun with the kids too.

So we hope you can join us whoever you are? If you are an Asatizah and wish to be the guidance to all, we’ll love to have you and if you can’t read and need help, the abang-abang and kakak-kakak ( Big Bros and Sisters ) is around to help. No worries, there is no Guru-Student relationships among us, its all peer to peer.

See you there….


The ladies listening intently…

Videos Coming Soon at www.islamicevents.sg/tasmiun


http://www.fadzuli.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/supermanlook.jpg Written by: Fadzuli Wahab
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