How To Memorize the Quran in 10 Years Regardless of Age and Profession

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Finally the book is out. Ustaz Mizi Wahid have been telling me about this book since we collaborated on promoting his Book  “Prayer for Success” early this year. He has now expanded his business from running seminars, classes and talks at to now becoming a Publisher for another writer – Ustaz Abdul Salam Abdul Hameed – the author of this latest book – “How to Memorize the Quran in 10 Years Regardless of Age and Profession”.

Alhamdulillah. Gratitude to Allah swt for allowing us to have our own Asatizah to publish English books so that we are able to reach more of the English speaking audience. May Allah swt continue to bless and their founder with more blessings and may we produce more quality books insyallah.

Allow me to share what Ustaz Abdul Salam Abdul Hameed put up in the introduction.


Alhamdulillah; infinite thanks and praises are due to Allah,
Lord of the Worlds, Who has descended the Qur’an as a book
of guidance for us, and has chosen the companions of the
Qur’an amongst us to be His special ones. May His Peace and
Blessings be upon the first companion of Al-Qur’an; the first
members, his companions and all those who have taught the
Qur’an or loved it, generations down to us.

I’m unimaginably delighted that you are inspired to memorize
the book of Allah; Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem. Having you holding
this book, and reading these lines, after you have paid for it, is
enough evidence of my claim.

I know you are rushing to read the book from cover to cover.
However, as much as I salute you for your aspirations, I see
the need for those aspirations to have solid and concrete
ground. That “concrete ground” is what you will be reading in
Chapter 1 of this book; “How to Memorize the Qur’an in 10
Years, Regardless of Age and Profession”, followed by
Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, insha Allah.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to Al-Qur’an, as it will also
highlight the importance of Al-Qur’an. You won’t read a book
until you are convinced of its importance to you, and the
change it can bring into your life. Would you? What more if
the book we are about to fall in love with is the Qur’an, which
we are going to memorize rather than the traditional reading?
What more if the time we are going to spend with this book
(Al-Qur’an) is a life time moments, rather than the usual
“touch and go” kind of reading?

In Chapter 2, where the main content will be discussed, we
will share tips on memorizing Al-Qur’an, in a way that, by the
time we finish, in 10 years to come, each one of us will be an
authentic Hafiz, insha Allah.

Chapter 3 will focus on how to maintain the Qur’an, together
with some related stories and references, insha Allah.
Happy reading, and most importantly, may you have a fuitful
journey towards becoming a Hafizul Qur’an.

Abdul-Salam Abdul-Hameed
Singapore, 4/6/2012


The Quran is not a book that is to be rushed to read and memorized. For those that have become Hafizul Qur’an will know that it takes time and effort to do so. This book contains practical information and steps to guide you to be a Hafiz insyallah.

One step at a time.

Who will benefit from reading this book?

1) If you have struggled memorizing the Quran since young, perhaps you have not known certain techniques and disciplines not taught in Quran schools.

2) If you have young children, as a parent you can apply the techniques taught by Ustaz Abdul Salam Abdul Hameed to them. Yes start them younger and perhaps they can memorize even faster than 10 years.

3) If you are a Tahfiz student, perhaps these techniques can help you speed up your memorising too. Of course do refer back to your Teachers who are training you. This book is not to replace your current methodologies but to compliment them. Insyallah.

Perhaps there are others who can benefit from it too, insyallah .

To order  this book, please refer to our online shop here.

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