Fare thee well, Ramadan – Editor’s Closing Note

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    Assalaamualaikum to all blessed readers of Ramadan.sg,

    As we sit here in the last precious hours of Ramadan, knowing that with each breath we inhale, the gentle breezes of Ramadan is slowly slipping away, some tears take longer to dry. Whilst many of us are busy cleaning & sprucing our homes in time for Eid visitors, it is imperative also that we ponder if our hearts have truly been cleaned and spruced up in time for the return of shaytaan.

    In this month, we realize just how big an impact shaytaan has over our decision-making – when it comes to spending our time, or when we hesitate to pray a supererogatory prayer, or when we reach out to pick up the Qur’an and then retract our hands.

    However, in this month also we realize the impact & treachery of our nafs. Even without shaytaan’s presence, we still falter, get lazy, get angry and commit sins. Why? This is due to the extent that the nafs controls us, instead of the other way round.

    In the time that we have between the end of this Ramadan and the beginning of the next, we should expend all our efforts in controlling our nafs by increasing in our dhikr and our voluntary fasting. We should also conduct regular (if possible, daily) accounting of our deeds – Why did I say that? What prayers did I miss today? How could I have spent my time better?

    It is related that Sayyidina Umar ibn Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “Call yourselves to account before you are called to account (on the Day of Judgment). “ If we do regular accounting of ourselves, we will see the areas that we are weak in, and can improve on inshaAllah. The ego (nafs) hates it when we do accounting because it hates to see itself in a bad light. It despises acknowledging weakness and sins, only strengths and good deeds. It prides itself on the little good deeds that it has done, refusing to see the mountain of bad deeds that its own hands have wrought.

    As a closing note, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Ramadan.sg, from the writers, to the Guest Asatizah, the photographers, videographers and the readers who read and shared our articles. I pray it has been of benefit to all who come across this site.

    Have a blessed Eid with your family & loved ones. Eidul Fitr (Hari Raya Aidil Fitri as it is known in these parts) is an auspicious day as we celebrate our completion of the fast of Ramadan and our moral victory, insha’Allah.

    Minal aidin wal faidzin (May you be among those who return to purity and among those granted glory). Kullum am wa antum bikhair (May you be well throughout the year).Taqaballahu minna wa minkum (May Allah accept it from you and us). Ameen Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.

    I end this with a beautiful excerpt from a du’a attributed to Imam Zayn-al-Abidin, Ali bin Hussein bin Ali, Grandchildren of the Holy Messenger of Allah (SAW).


    O’ familiar one,

    Who brought us consolations & comfort in coming,

    who leaves behind loneliness & solitude in leaving…How many became freedman of Allah within thee!
    How happy those who observed the respects due to thee!Peace be upon you,

    How drawn out were you for the sinners!
    How immense were you in the hearts of the faithful!

    Peace be upon you,

    You are not bid farewell to in annoyance,
    Nor do thy fasting leave us in weariness,
    How much evil was turned away from us through you!
    How much good flowed from us because of you!

    Peace be upon you,

    O’ great & worthy friend when found,
    An anticipated companion whose parting ls hard to release.

    And upon the Night of Decree which is better than a thousand months!
    How much we craved for thee yesterday!
    How immensely we will yearn for thee tomorrow!

    & upon thy bounty which has now been made unlawful for us,
    & upon thy blessings gone by which have now been stripped away from us…

    & Farewell Ya Shahru Ramadhan!

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