Islam must be understood

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Islamic wars of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and salutations be upon him) are made compulsory during the days after Hijrah when the Muslims are being tortured and Allah (glory be upon him) made it incumbent upon the Ummah to fight.

Even so the level of ethics imposed during these wars are very critical:

1. Women, children, the sick, the very old, slaves, the mad, those worshippers in places of worship are not allowed to be killed

2. War captives are to be kept alive unless clearly treacherous and unrepentant, even then executed in the most humane way without mutilation

3. Nature and other creatures are protected also and trees and animals should not be destroyed or slaughtered without just purpose

4. Non soldier or the common people are not the enemies and their lives are sacred and as part of Muslim courage and righteousness, one is not allowed to be treacherous by hiding behind the enemy, poisoning the battle weapons nor taking undue advantage of captive women by enslaving them


Recall Muhammad, when Allah showed you their numbers in a dream is few; if it was shown many, surely you would have been frightened and retort to fight. But Allah saved you. Surely Allah knows best the affairs in your souls.

A-Li’ Imraan:155

Those Muslims who turned their backs from fighting the Kafiruns, they have been tempted by the Devil due to their faults of the past; but truly Allah had forgiven them for He is the Most Forgiving and Most Patient.


Then Allah showered courage, peace and safety to His Messenger and the true Believers, and Allah send down unseen Angelic help, and He tortured the enemies with destruction; and that is the deserving end for the faithless.


The hypocrites conglomerate thinks that the confederates have not left; and if the confederates return, surely the hypocrites like that they hide far away in their homes with the Arab natives while constantly asking about the state of the Prophet; and if the hypocrites are with the Prophet, even so they will defend Him only momentarily.

What is our stand?

Issues of daily bread…
There is increasing number of the millionaires and billionaires today. And alongside we have the hungry and homeless.

Issues of helping the needy…
Health is another matter that is being neglected as well. With richness we have widespread cancer and worse cancer of the soul where one neglects the sorrows of others.


Islam is a misunderstood religion. We are fighting and spreading aggression. The verses above show that Islam has high ethics and that Allah is helping his Prophet to separate between the Believers and the non-Believers.

Today, there is more need for peace than ever. Today there is high hopes for peace than ever. This is simply because we are more connected globally than ever through media and internet.

We have to start to spread messages of peace and love and unity. Every human being deserves to live.


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